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Azerbaijan Arbitration Association


The Azerbaijan Arbitration Association is an international non-profit and non-governmental organisation that brings together practitioners, academics, students, arbitrators and magistrates from all over the world focusing on alternative dispute resolution, international arbitration, private and public international law.

The main objectives of the Association are promotion of international arbitration in Azerbaijan and promotion of Azerbaijan as a venue for international arbitration. 

Azerbaijan Arbitration Association invites ADR and international arbitration lawyers to express their interest by becoming members of the Association and reaching out to us to contribute to the activities of the Association through speaking engagements and publications.

A word from the President of the Association

Dear Colleagues,
Welcome to the Azerbaijan Arbitration Association! 

The Azerbaijan Arbitration Association has the ambition of bringing together lawyers from around the world who are willing to cooperate in achieving these goals through conferences and webinars, publications, networking events, teaching, research and, most importantly, the annual Azerbaijan Arbitration Day (AzAD). We invite practitioners, academics, students, arbitrators and magistrates to join the Association as members and to participate in the activities of the Association.

Yours faithfully,

Professor Kamalia Mehtiyeva
President of the Azerbaijan Arbitration Association

25-26 April 2024
21 March 2024
Paris Arbitration Week
14 June 2023
21 March 2024
Azerbaijan Arbitration Association organizes a conference during the Paris Arbitration Week
7 February 2024
Azerbaijan adopts new law on arbitration
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